About Summer Excitement

About Summer Excitement

Summer Excitement (SE) began as a “leadership training school“ for junior high and high school students. While we continue to emphasize leadership training opportunities, we especially exist to guide junior high, high school, and college age students in ways that empower them to enjoy Christian living, disciple others, and become dynamic leaders for Christ.

At Summer Excitement students grow and thrive in small groups.  In our early years students began calling these small groups “families.”  Today’s SE students continue calling their groups “families,” and moreover, consider family experiences one of the richest and best parts of the week-long event.

Summer Excitement has been ministering to youth since 1985, having started on the campus of Dallas Christian College by the Farmer’s Branch Church of Christ.  Today, Summer Excitement is overseen by the Quaker Avenue Church of Christ in Lubbock and is hosted on the campus of Lubbock Christian University.

While it is true that our roots (beginning in 1985) are in serving small to mid-size churches, and many of them rural, SE has proven to be good for churches of all sizes, particularly those who seek a close-knit community and leadership development for their students.  It is difficult for young people to get “lost in the crowd” at SE due to our size, and due to our emphasis on small groups.  Further, since many SE activities promote student leadership, churches wanting to give their students opportunities to develop leadership qualities will find SE a suitable environment in which to do so.

If you are seeking vibrant Christian relationships, want to discover more about Scripture, identity in Christ, the joy of living in relationship with like-minded believers, Summer Excitement is for you.  If you want a place that celebrates fun and play and values joyous Christian living, Summer Excitement is for you.  If you want to be engaged in dynamic worship, are looking for opportunities to practice servant leadership, Summer Excitement is definitely for you!

Summer Excitement is a moderately sized youth camp led by young, middle aged, and older adults who are passionate about Jesus and young people.  We are creative and funny, passionate and intentional, but not over the top in terms of production and programming.  We are purposefully smaller, so we can ensure an ideal environment for connecting our students with other believers, both peers and adults.  Further, we place a premium on participants taking an active part in everything we do.  Our schedule is busting at the seams with activity that we have designed specifically to connect students to others and Jesus.  Whether in the classroom with a bible in hand, on the sports field with a frisbee in hand, on the tarps with a watermelon in hand, we believe everything we do at SE is meaningful, spiritual, and God-pleasing…designed to lead kids to have deeper faith.

Summer Excitement Leadership Team


Kyle Bullock

Kaitlin Riojas, Assistant Director

Assistant Director

Kaitlin Riojas

Ricky Lewis, Teaching Dean

Teaching Dean

Ricky Lewis

Worship Dean

Doyle Corder