Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Breakfast
  • Quick Start: an all-student gathering where crazy stuff (think party games and impromptu skits) happens to wake us up and get us ready for a day of learning, conversations, activities, and worship.
  • Morning Teaching Sessions: the students travel with their small-groups to experience ideas and challenges provided by an expert facilitator (called a “Dean”).  This is an interactive adventure.  No boring lectures are allowed!  In the middle of this time, small groups are sent off to do a “Family Time” created to foster deeper discussions.
  • Quiet Time: A time for each student to be alone and ponder the lessons learned in the teaching session.
  • Lunch
  • Sports:  Remixed groups (mixing the age groups) for team sports such as Ultimate Frisbee, Volleyball, and Basketball.
  • Wild-n-Crazy Games: Small groups compete against other small groups of the same age group as they take on messy and fun challenges (think watermelon skiing and muddy relays) that allow them to cool off and have yet one more reason to take a shower afterwards!
  • Supper
  • Rainbow Celebration: An all-student gathering where all four schools (colors….see, “What is a school?” below) worship together and experience a lesson by a Dean or a guest speaker.  This experience is usually followed by a small group discussion for a more intimate exchange of ideas and experiences.
  • Entertainment: You never know what is going to happen here.  Could be a comedian, a musical artist, or even an SE Talent Show!  You just gotta wait and see!
  • Wrap Up: Our small groups split up for an end-of-day discussion.  Guys meet with their male team leaders and girls meet with their female team leaders.  Groups review the day, pray, and wrap up their day together.

We want all students to experience a purposeful curriculum.  The ideal is that a student will be with us for at least 4 years as a student, team leader, or team leader coordinator.  When this occurs, that participant will experience each of the following curricula.

  1. Story:  An overview of Scripture
  2. Identity: Who is God and Who are We?
  3. Calling: What does it mean to follow Jesus?
  4. Community: What does it mean to be the Church?

Each year, the Team Leaders and Team Leader Coordinators work with the teaching team to identify a specific theme that supports the curriculum  So each year is unique!

SCHOOLS: Throughout the week, students are a part of a large group called a “school.” We have four of them: red, blue, green, and gold. These schools compete with each other in sports and wild and crazy games.  Each school also creates its own theme that fits in with the broader SE theme of that year. In our experience the competition among schools promotes creativity and team spirit.

FAMILIES: Within their schools, students will be part of a small group.  Technically called “groups” (and sometimes even “teams”), our students call these units “families” instead. “Families” are composed of one male and one female college-aged Team Leader and approximately 10 students (half male and half female). Team Leaders are positive, dynamic, motivated young men and women who attend Summer Excitement with the express intent of serving students!

Registration begins every year online on April 1.  Simply click on the link in the upper left-hand corner entitled “STUDENT REGISTRATION.” 

Tuition is $325 and includes 15 meals, 5 nights lodging, a t-shirt, and a wide-variety of faith-forming activities.  Early registration ends on May 15, after which tuition increases to $340. 

For more detailed information, please email our director,
Kyle Bullock, at .

SE is usually scheduled for the 3rd full week in June, beginning on a Sunday evening.  Students need to arrive at the Lubbock Christian University (LCU) campus between 5:00 pm and 6:30 pm on that Sunday.  A registration area is set up to greet students at Katie Rogers Hall (Chicago Ave & Dover Ave – east side of LCU). After a meal in LCU’s Student Union Building (available after students have registered), our first session begins in The Baker Conference Center at 7 PM.  Parents are welcome to stay, have supper, and attend the first session.

Summer Excitement will conclude on Friday, at noon.  

No lunch is provided on that day. 

Lubbock Christian University
5601 19th Street
Lubbock, TX 79416

Transportation to the airport is available.  Summer Excitement will provide transportation to the airport provided you call in or send us your departure information before the week of Summer Excitement. 

If we are to pick up (or deliver) your son or daughter at the airport, please call or send us their arrival and departure information. We need to know the following details: student’s name, date of arrival/departure, airline, flight number and arrival/departure time. Please send all flight information to Keri Moore by email at or by texting her at 806-928-6717. 

Any students staying in Lubbock following Summer Excitement will be responsible for their own housing, food, and transportation.

Summer Excitement has four fundamental rules:

  1. No student, for any reason, may leave the campus unless by the direction of Jason Moore, Summer Excitement Director.
  2. Students must attend all activities of the camp. We have every minute of the day planned.
  3. Respect will be shown to Summer Excitement and LCU personnel, as well as the LCU campus.
  4. In the dorms, guys will occupy one wing and ladies will occupy a separate wing.  In the event a guy is found in the ladies wing, he will be sent home immediately. The same applies for ladies in the male wing. There are no exceptions to this rule.

All other behavior is expected to be guided by the Spirit of Christ, as modeled by our Team Leaders & staff.

We do not anticipate problems with these rules, but in the event that we DO have problems, Summer Excitement leadership reserves the right to send any student home at the expense of his/her parents.


  • A Bible!
  • Personal Care Items (toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, soap, shampoo, shower shoes, etc.)
  • Bedding for the dorms (twin size sheets or sleeping bag, blankets, pillow)
  • Towels for the week 
  • Play Clothes, Casual Clothes, and Nice Clothes (bring your own hangers). You will need to wear jeans on Wednesday evening, so make sure you bring a pair. Each school may have special dress up days in the morning and your TL (Team Leader) will give you more details about them ahead of camp. You will change into play clothes for sports and wild & crazy games each day and you will get these clothes wet and dirty. NO WHITE CLOTHING for sports and Wild N’ Crazy games. For dress code, we ask to make sure your body is covered up. As a rule of thumb, if you don’t want to see the adult leaders and deans wearing it, then you probably shouldn’t wear it!
  • Bring Sunscreen (and wear it each day for Sports and Wild N Crazy Games)
  • (Optional) Money for concession stand
  • (Optional) Money for pizza. Pizza will be available Thursday night for around $10 for a large pizza and 2-liter drink.
  • (Optional) Laundry detergent. Washers and dryers in dorms are free to use.


  • Any unnecessary electronic equipment (TVs, gaming consoles, stereos, etc…)
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Hammocks (not allowed in LCU’s Katie RogersDorm)
Phones ARE allowed on campus but are to be left in the dorms during daily activities.

If necessary, first-aid will be provided by Summer Excitement nurses. Medications such as Tylenol, Benadryl and Pepto-Bismol will be dispensed at their discretion. SE nurses are available to hold on to and administer prescription medications, but only at the approval of a parent or guardian.  Documentation expressing this desire must be provided prior to the beginning of camp.

#1.  Summer Excitement director, Kyle Bullock:  806-470-0068. 

#2.  Keri Moore, but only via text:  806-928-6717

#3.  Quaker Avenue Church of Christ:  806-792-0716