Hey Man! We’re Blogging!!!

Well, well, well, here we are after more than 25 years in ministry and we’ve finally entered the blogosphere.  EXCELLENT!!!  We are excited to be moving in this “online” direction, and hope this venue will give more opportunity for personal interaction with current students, alumni, and friends.  You will be hearing from us through this blog over the course of any given year; some of us will rehash old SE experiences, some will share what they’re hearing from the Spirit of Christ through his or her studies, readings, prayers, and some will simply disseminate good-old fashioned info about Summer Excitement people, things, etc…  Having said that you should know that since we have this new platform, coupled with our Facebook page, we will be closing down the old website http://www.summerexcitement.com.  But have no worries!  We will continue posting pics, providing info about ourselves, giving info of upcoming SEs, and interacting with one another right here…or on our Facebook page.

So…let’s blog!!!

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