By Mike Gibson

In a world so big and so messed up, we can easily feel overwhelmed.  I am just a student, just a kid, just a single adult, just one man.  What can I do?

You can change the world in 10 seconds or less.  Here’s how:

– Smile at someone.  It could be anyone.

– Post an honest compliment on a Facebook wall.

– Help pick up dropped books in the hallway.

– Think of an adult you admire and tell him/her that you do.

– Pray for an enemy.

– Be compassionately observant — “You look sad today…”

– Hug a family member.

– When you ask, “How’s it going?” make eye contact and wait for an honest response.

– Give an elementary-aged kid a “high-five.”

– Tell a parent or grandparent that you love him/her.

– When someone does something good, tell them so.  “That was a good shot!”  “That was a good answer!”  “Nice save!”  “I’m impressed!”

– Say something nice behind someone’s back.

– Let your face light up when a friend walks in the room.

You see, at just the right time, when we were still powerless, Grace was there–is there.

Before we asked for it.  Unable to deserve it.  God gave it.  Jesus stepped up and changed the world.  He’s the MVP of grace.  The hero we strive to copy.  The poster on the wall of our souls.

Give people what they haven’t asked for.  Offer what may not be deserved and see what God does with it.  Yahweh loves this.  This is His game.

You in?

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